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We make comic picture books and animation for children at preschool age.

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Our Comic Picture Books

Our “Fly on the wall” series of digital picture books are a fun way for preschool kids to engage in reading. Each book comprises of two talking animals having a humorous rhyming conversation. Author Sonny Fly pops in and out throughout the book to help move everything along. Enjoy reading together with your child.

  • The Lion and the Sheep picture book COVER
  • Doo-doos To Do picture book COVER
  • Tweet Tweet BOOM! picture book COVER
  • High Hops picture book COVER

“Chinwags” comic strip

chinwags comic strip cover

From our “Fly on the wall” series of comic picture books for preschool kids comes our fortnightly digital comic strip “Chinwags”. Check out the latest episodes from “Chinwags” on Instagram now. Make sure to follow us to stay in the loop. Click here…

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