Tweet Tweet BOOM!


“One bird loves to sing but the other bird wants it to stop.” – A colourful, easy-to-follow, rhyming picture Ebook for kids.


“One bird loves to sing but the other bird wants it to stop.”  Treat your child to “Tweet Tweet BOOM!”, a colourful picture book with an easy-to-follow rhyming chat between two birds that will excite and tickle their funny bones.

Book 3 of the “Fly On The Wall” series of preschool children’s comic picture books from author Sonny Fly.

Available to download in PDF and ePUB formats for IOS and Android devices.  For Kindle format, go to Amazon now to download compatible format.

Our “Fly On The Wall” series of picture books are a fun way for preschool kids to engage in reading.  Each book, along with “Tweet Tweet BOOM!”, comprises of two talking animals having a humorous rhyming conversation.  Author and all-round nice guy Sonny Fly guides the reader through the book and brings them out the other side.

Does your child’s favourite pet feature in any of our books? Collect them all for maximum fun and keep an eye out for more books being released in the near future.  Also, check out our short animations on YouTube by subscribing to our Toonery Snaps YouTube Channel here and staying in the loop.

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